Updated the CSS

Quick post, mostly so I can remember to come back to this info later when I try to remember what I used:

Updated the CSS color scheme after reading this article: https://meat.io/oksolar by Zack Voase

It improves the contrast on Solarized; it’s really nice! A lot of the CSS is very much lifted (Thanks to CC0) from here: https://meat.io/blog.css

At the very least, I learned a lot about CSS3 variables, even if the CSSLinter didn’t like it… And reads much nicer than my quick hack at a Teal-based design that would look nice with Dark Mode. Still, I suggest also using Clrs.cc for some nicer web defaults.

One last link: https://iamkate.com/data/12-bit-rainbow/ – Some nice bright colors for Data Viz specifically. I don’t know if it would work well for text or code, but definitely seems like it would be a nice default for graphs.