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Quick post, mostly so I can remember to come back to this info later when I try to remember what I used:

Updated the CSS color scheme after reading this article: https://meat.io/oksolar by Zack Voase

It improves the contrast on Solarized; it’s really nice! A lot of the CSS is very much lifted (Thanks to CC0) from here: https://meat.io/blog.css

At the very least, I learned a lot about CSS3 variables, even if the CSSLinter didn’t like it… And reads much nicer than my quick hack at a Teal-based design that would look nice with Dark Mode. Still, I suggest also using Clrs.cc for some nicer web defaults.

One last link: https://iamkate.com/data/12-bit-rainbow/ – Some nice bright colors for Data Viz specifically. I don’t know if it would work well for text or code, but definitely seems like it would be a nice default for graphs.

In the (tweets deleted) past, I was super critical of Uber, Tesla, and the general Crypto ecosystem because of a very important factor: The People Running Them Were Assholes. There are some other more objective ways to measure the future performance of companies, but it seems to work pretty well in the long run. In a bull run, everyone is a fan; in a downturn, you better learn to be nice.

So let’s make a few more bets:


A big part of moving over to the Fediverse via Mastodon is being curious about how I can start to put a lot more of my #Content under my domain name. Before soon-to-implode takeover of Twitter, I published content on a variety of platforms that I had zero control over.

Microblogging on Twitter, photos on Instagram, making sure my grandparents could see pics of my kid on Facebook, and occasionally writing on Medium. But none of these are mine. But I’ve long had a forum on Skrimmage.com for analytics and also owned (leased?) the Danny.Page domain name. No better time than now to try putting my work under that domain. Here’s how I’m thinking about doing it: