Into The Fediverse

A big part of moving over to the Fediverse via Mastodon is being curious about how I can start to put a lot more of my #Content under my domain name. Before soon-to-implode takeover of Twitter, I published content on a variety of platforms that I had zero control over.

Microblogging on Twitter, photos on Instagram, making sure my grandparents could see pics of my kid on Facebook, and occasionally writing on Medium. But none of these are mine. But I’ve long had a forum on for analytics and also owned (leased?) the Danny.Page domain name. No better time than now to try putting my work under that domain. Here’s how I’m thinking about doing it:

Might do similar things with Skrimmage, but I know I haven’t done much with the forum and have to consider how much I can do to lead in that aspect. It takes a lot to run a community; these solo-domain instances are a lot easier to maintain!

I’m also curious how people manage all of these in one place. The Feed on Mastodon or elsewhere is nice, but I think I’d prefer something a little different to keep up with ActivityPub aware sites. If folks have any insight on a personal dashboard, Flipboard, RSS reader type software that’s great for ActivityPub, I’d love to hear it.

Oh, I need to update my actual Danny.Page homepage. A lot of work. But dang it’s fun to think about truly creating and owning a part of the internet again, especially one that can’t be s*** on by a billionaire.

- Danny

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